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                                                        *ATTENTION ALL DRIVERS*

Rules and regulations:

General Rules
1. Be a gentleman: treat each other like you would expect to be treated

2. Rules are league rules, follow them in everything (penalties, pit stops, pit lane speed etc.).

3. If you hit a driver resulting in a spin, crash or if the driver goes off track, be a sportsman: wait for him in a safe position, and give the driver his place back.

4. Cutting rules are simulator cutting rules. When you receive a cut warning it means you are out of the track, and gaining advantage. If you go off the track please slow down and rejoin with proper caution. You must keep two wheels on the track at all times. Curbs are a part of the track.

5. Pressing ESC is allowed. After a spin or crash, wait to be completely alone and move the car off the racing surface if possible. Once with the car is stopped in a safe place, you can press ESC.

6. Race with common sense in all the sessions (practice, qualify, warm-up and race). Don't hold up, or block unnecessarily during pre-race sessions.

7. After the start of the race be very cautious entering Turn 1. This is the hardest part of the race, and can ruin your race before it has even started.

8. Always use your mirrors.

9. Finishing under yellow- The finishing order will be the order in which the cars cross the finish line if the race finishes behind the safety car.  Sometimes the safety car will pit on the final lap after time is up in the race.  If the Safety Car pits and the race will finish over the finish line on that lap, the final order will be frozen to the order the cars were in behind the safety car.  It will be treated as though the race finished under yellow.

10. Pitting on the final lap- The finish line is defined (when a driver pits on the final lap only) as the pit exit line.

11. Drivers must have a stable internet connection. Downunder Series is not responsible for drivers who are not able to sustain a connection to the server.

12. Drivers must maintain a maximum ping of 150 (as viewed on the race server). Drivers that are above 150 will be asked to leave the server.

13. Admin Team reserves the right to change the rules at any time.

14. Discord must be ussed to be able to drive also  Push to talk during qual and race to minimize noise. 

15. No talking in qual and race. Only race related talk during qual and race, no banter or anger.

16. If you quit race then leave the car in the garage and do not close the game. This creates lag for drivers.

17. In game  name must be your real name (no nicknames) as well as discord (real names)

18. Drive through penalties for offences to be added by time penalty to the end of the race.

19. Open pits during yellow.

Car Selection:
Championship car selection: When a driver signs up for the championship, he/she shall choose a car.  Drivers will be allowed to switch to another car without penalty only once during a championship. Switching to a different car for a second time shall impose a 5 point driver's championship penalty and that driver shall only score half points (individual and team) in the following race.   Changing cars can only be done 2 times maximum.

Alternate drivers:  If you sign up, please try to attend all races.  But it is understood that stuff comes up and you can't always make every race. there well be a  3 drop rnd incase you cant make  all rnd if you make all rnd your worse 3 rnds well be droped 


Race Starts / Restarts:
All races will have a formation lap and a standing start 

Formation Lap:
Race will start with a formation lap under speed limiter.

The race will be listed as a standing start. The formation lap will be conducted as the race timer is running. If you are using Crew Chief you will likely hear him say "Go, Go, Go" at the start of the formation lap. Drivers will hear and see the red lights and horns counting down to the start of the race as we all sit on the grid. At the sound of the start we will then begin the formation lap.

It is your responsibility to know exactly who you need to follow. The driver to follow will be the one who finished ahead of you during qualifying. If you are on the right side of the track, it would be the driver ahead on your left side.  If you are on the left side of the track, it would be the driver ahead on your right side. 

At the start of the formation lap YOU MUST WAIT for the cars ahead of you to move before YOU move.

During the formation lap drivers are expected to maintain a smooth pace under the speed limiter (normally at 80kmh / 50mph or the speed limiter specific for the track). 

The field must follow in SINGLE FILE, start blending in after the start of the formation lap.

Drivers shall maintain a safe but reasonable distance to other drivers, following the order based on starting position.

Drivers are expected to maintain a smooth, consistent and predictable pace around the track.

Weaving to warm up tyres is NOT allowed.

Hard braking and accelerating is NOT allowed. This causes an accordion effect throughout the field and could lead to accidents.

Drivers shall not perform burnouts to warm up their tires. This leads to accidents and does not significantly heat up the tires.

Drivers should always be prepared for the accordion effect, especially approaching any tight corners.

Drivers who spin, or otherwise drop out of place in line, during the formation lap MUST NOT attempt to pass other cars in order to regain their place. In this circumstance a driver should safely blend into formation lap traffic or wait for the field to go past before rejoining track. Again, DO NOT attempt to make your way through the grid to your assigned starting spot.

Race Starts:
Drivers to be under speed limiter until they reach the Start/Finish line.  Race starts for each driver once he/she crosses the Start/Finish line. At that point each driver can turn off the speed limiter and accelerate, not before that. Drivers releasing the speed limiter and accelerating before crossing the Start/Finish line will be subject to penalties. 

Note: Drivers can not pass a driver before the start / finish line.

Note: The start of the race is the most likely place and time for incidents to occur. Races are not won on the first lap. There is a higher probability of ruining other drivers race by taking unnecessary risks on the first lap, so don’t do it!

Admins will review the formation lap and lap1 and will issue warnings / penalties if rules are not followed

Restarts - Red Flag:
No restarts will take place due to accidents/incidents during the race. A restart will only be considered if there is a server/connection issue.

Red Flagging a race:  If there is a server issue or a connection issue that results in the race being cut off early, either a restart (if within the first half of the race and the connection comes back) or a red flag (no points before half race time or half points if after half race time) shall be called. 

Listen to Discord and watch the forums for updates should this occur.  Give it a few minutes to see if the issue is resolved.  Discord is the best way to get information.

Pit Stops:
There is a mandatory pit stop during the race.  4 tires must be changed. Pit stop during formation lap does not count as a mandatory race pit stop. Drivers must do a pit stop during the race.

Respect the in-game rules, all flags should be respected, and followed.   Blue flags shall be shown will be  penalized.after the warning is displayed  .well be a drive threw . If you are being overtaken and are off pace and not in a battle of your own, slow down and let the other car pass.  If you are in a battle it is up to the other car to make a SAFE, EFFECTIVE, and DECISIVE pass.

No chat is permitted in qualifying or race, arguments can be settled after the race. In-race chatting and non-pertinent Discord comms will be punishable by post-race penalties.  If you want to communicate you can use Discord, but in Quali and Race this limited to comms pertaining to safety or server bug issues.

Penalty: The driver will be penalized by a loss of 1 point in the Championship series for each infraction of this rule.

Releasing Speed Limiter/Accelerating before S/F line:
If a driver releases the speed limiter and accelerates before crossing the Start/Finish line the driver will be subject to a penalty.  

Penalty: The driver will be penalized by a loss of 2 points in the Championship series

The failure of a driver to use mirrors to acknowledge the presence of other competitors, yield to lapping competitors, or alter the racing line more than once based on the actions of pursuing competitors is not allowed.

The alteration of a racing line based on the actions of pursuing competitors, or the use of an abnormal racing line to inhibit or prevent passing is not allowed. When someone is trying to overtake you on a straight, you are allowed to change lines only once. Swerving causes dangerous situations, and most of the time results in crashes.

Corners as well as the approach and exit zones thereof, may be negotiated by the drivers in any way they wish, within the limits of the track. Blocking, according to these circumstances, may be done.

Penalty: The driver will be penalized by drive threw time added after race  

Penalty: If the car you block gets into an accident and could not continue the race because of the incident, the driver will be penalized by a loss drive threw time added after race

Corner Rights:
A driver must establish substantial overlap with the car ahead before a corner's turn-in point. Substantial overlap means at least that the front of the car overtaking is up to the driver's position of the car being overtaken. The ahead driver has every right to be fully committed to the racing line of his choice without any interference if there was no overlap before he turned in.

If a driver is on the inside and has established substantial overlap going into the corner, give them room as it is their corner, follow them, be faster than them, and overtake them in a clean move. Then you are clean, otherwise it will be considered a dirty move and the other driver probably (and unfairly) may be taken out of the race if there is a crash. Always give enough room to drivers around you.

Penalty: If a driver causes an accident and does not have at least the front of the car at the drivers position of the car being overtaken at the corner turn-in point, that driver will be penalized by drive threw time added after race

Penalty: If the driver of the overtaking car does have the substantial overlap and the driver of the car being overtaken comes down on the overtaking car and causes an accident that driver will be penalized by  drive threw time added after race

Penalty: If the car you hit could not continue the race because of the incident, the driver will be penalized by  drive threw time added after race

Hit from Front/ Behind / Side:
Any driver that hits another driver from front / behind/side, that was not himself hit from behind/side and causes that driver to lose control, go off track, or end his race.

Penalty: The driver will be penalized by a  drive threw time added after race

Penalty: If the car you hit could not continue the race because of the incident, the driver will be penalized by a  drive threw time added after race

Off Track:
Any car that has all four tires off the track must rejoin the track in a safe manner, with car under control and yield the racing line to all visible traffic in front of or behind the car.
The car must not alter any drivers racing line while re-entering the track.

Never go outside of track when attempting an overtake. A car in front of you is not required to move over just because you run out of space. So when overtaking, choose a line where you have space, without the car in front of you having to move out of the way.

It is the responsibility of the overtaking car to make the pass in a safe manner. The overtaking driver should not place any portion of their car on the grass, gravel, or other surface not intended as the race surface to make a pass, except in avoidance of a spin or crash.

Penalty: The driver will be penalized by a drive threw time added after race

Penalty: If the car you hit could not continue the race because of the incident, the driver will be penalized by a  drive threw time added after race

Any car positioned more then 90 degrees off the normal racing direction must immediately stop if any part of the car is on the track and not move the car until all visible traffic is clear. If a driver spins while on track, they should immediately lock their brakes until completely stopped, (even if still on the track), and hold brakes on until they can assess the situation (wait for a clear opening on track to resume. When a driver doesn’t lock his brakes, the car is prone to spin or roll in a far more unpredictable fashion and likely cause an accident. A driver involved in an incident while spinning on track and not locking their brakes completely will be held responsible for that incident.

If the car is completely off the track, the driver is allowed to correct the car as long as the car does not enter the track during the correction. The car must not alter any drivers racing line while re-entering the track.

Penalty: The driver will be penalized by a loss of  drive threw time added after race

Penalty: If the car you hit could not continue the race because of the incident, the driver will be penalized by  drive threw time added after race

Causing a Caution Period:
If you cause a yellow flag AND the safety car comes on track, you must pit to have damage checked.  If there is no damage, your car may leave the pit box with no work having been done.  Failure to do so will result in a penalty.  

Penalty: The driver will be penalized by a  drive threw time added after race

The admins will not review each race looking for incidents/infractions, with the exception of lap 1. It is up to the individual drivers to report any rule violations. 

Report incidents to the admins and we will work together to resolve the problem. A formal complaint can be made through a PM to any of the race Stewards  (Chad Brown/Tig_Green/Juan Amaya)
Please include the lap race, persons involved, and specific incident in question so the stewards can more easily review the replay and assess penalties as appropriate. Reviewing or commenting incidents in public is not allowed. No incident reviews are made without a request from a party involved in an incident. Request to review an incident must be made within 24 hours from the end of the race. 

As we don't have live stewards, penalties will be assessed after the race on a case by case basis. Penalties will be based on point deductions, but serious offenses and /or repeat offenders, could face further penalties, including warnings, Drive Through, Stop and Go, exclusion from results (DQ), exclusion from next race, banning from forum and/or future races, and ultimately expulsion from the league (the nuclear option). 

Lap 1 will be reviewed by The Admin Team without a protest taking place. If incidents occur in the first lap a review will be done and drivers found to be in violation of the established rules will receive penalties. This is compounded by the fact that first lap incidents receive extra points deduction on top of the established points deduction for the rules violation. The long story short here is "Be careful in the first lap". 

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