*ATTENTION ALL DRIVERS*
Firstly is the no Teamspeak no race. If you are not on Teamspeak then you cannot race!
Communication is paramount on the track. Its also a good social thing to do!

Just a bit of an update rule wise, just wanna make these 3 things clear for everybody, no one is in trouble or anything but they need to be brought up as a reminder
Blue flags! You only have half a lap to try and speed off otherwise you must move over, half a lap is all you have, a couple of drivers already have been caught out because of this so lets just make sure that if your clearly not quick enough to pull away then move over SAFELY, the last thing anybody wants is to be tagged from someone moving over recklessly.
Spacial awareness! There were a lot of attempted dives made into brake zones but they mostly failed because they got cut into, if they aren't half a car length up thats ok you don't have to give room but just keep in mind to give room if they do need it and check your mirrors constantly, i reckon a few guys got caught out last night from this one too.
Dangerous re-entries! If you spin and cars are coming then make sure that you stay still until it is clear to move, other drivers cant read your mind and will just take evasive action to avoid you in the middle of the road, its hard enough to get passed an unexpected chicane let alone one that's moving! So if u spin just stay still if traffic is coming and move when it is safe and clear.
If you go off circuit you no longer have any form of right of way or rights to anything, alot of people dangerously rejoin causing some bumps and also damage so wait until it is safe to rejoin, this goes for all sessions.
Thank you everybody it was great turnout last night, lets keep that up and happy racing!
The Downunder team

1.   Picking a car:
Choose your car manufacturer wisely as you are stuck with your choice for the entire season.
1.a.  Liveries:
- 1 main livery which is used every race, not optional and you can use stock liveries.
- 1 retro livery for sandown only, this is optional.
- 2 personal liveries that last 1 race each, used for whatever u choose as long as its viewer friendly for broadcast, this is optional.

2.   What to do when you have been tagged or just tagged another driver:
If you spin somebody you must wait for them to get going INFRONT of you and re dress before u can go, no matter how many cars pass you, failure to stop means your no longer protected and the victim driver can ask for the incident to be reviewed and penalties may be applied if you are found at fault, this also applies for lapped cars but your most likely to be ok if it happens because it will probably be their fault for not moving out of the way. Reviews need to be sent to River and he will decide who the appropriate people to speak to are. If the victim is glitched/stuck and they make that very clear you are ok to continue on but you are still not protected, you can still be penalized but the judge will be alot nicer to you unless you were being an idiot.
Failure to re dress and let the car you spun back in front will result in a penalty of either points and or a disqualification from the race.

3.  Blue flags:
If you have not yielded withing half a lap of a driver behind then you will be given a penalty if the victim asks for a review. This could be either points and or a disqualification based on the severity.

4.  Safety car restarts:
Once safety car comes in, the lead driver will have to maintain a similar pace, the lead driver then decides when the race resumes after it goes green
5.  Pitstops:
There is no limit to pitstops but you must make at least 1 stop that includes a change of tyres.

6.  Safety car and how it will work:
If 3 or more cars are involved in an incident or it is a huge 2 car incident then call out "yellow yellow", the moment that is said whether flags are out or not all drivers must maintain places while a safety car is called, the safety car should be out for 2-3 laps, giving damaged cars a chance to repair and rejoin at the back, when yellow yellow is called do not slam on the brakes, just stop racing and start cruising around in formation at a decent pace until u catch the safety car.

7.  Pitlane and right of way:
The car in the lane has the right of way, if you decide to exit your box and make contact with a car in the lane already up at the pit limiter they can report you same as the vehicle contact rule and you will be reviewed and penalized, you can pull out side by side but if your side by side when you both cross the exit light then you are going to be penalized, the car in the lane has right of way.
8.  Overtaking
Making an overtaking move during a corner will only be considered complete if the overtaking car past the B pillar of the car being overtaken. Any contact during the overtaking move can be reviewed and incur a penalty and or disqualification based on the severity of the contact.
9.  Appealing a decision or incident
You can appeal any decision made by the stewards in the Downunder Tribunal in which you get an invite to attend and discuss your appeal.
10.  The Law Is The Law
Any decision that is handed down to the driver/s at fault after a appeal will be final.
In some cases an appeal will be denied based on the severity of the incident.
Failure to abide by the rules above will surely get yourself removed from the league.

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