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Welcome to the New radical SRX 8 round series for the new comers bit of a slower pace for the newbies All racers are welcome to join.. Few rules to consider before racing for the Faster league players Weight penalty dose apply
to the following after 1st race
1st: 60kg
2nd: 54kg
3rd: 48kg
4th: 42kg
5th: 36kg
6th: 30kg
7th: 24kg
8th: 18kg
9th: 12kg
10th: 6kg

Between events, ballast is allocated according to championship positions and is carried in qualifying and race one
For races two and three, ballast is allocated according to the finishing positions in race one and two respectively

7pm Practice 1hr
8pm Qually 15min
8.15pm Warm Up 15Min
8.30pm Race 2 x 20min Race

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