Megane Cup 2020

Welcome to the 1st Downunder Series Megane Cup trophy for 2020
This series is to focus on drivers not as as quick as the V8 main game but open to all racers.
The will usually run 1 Week after the V8 Main Game On a Saturday
No need to register just turn up on the night have some fun. 🏁

                                 Practice 1 Hour 7pm AEST
                            Qualifying at 8pm (15 mins) AEST
                                            1 X 5 Lap Race
                                            1 X 10 Lap Race
                              2nd Race Random Qualify Order
                10 min Warm up before race (Drink & Piss Break)
                                                   2 X Fuel
                                                  2 X Tyres
                                        0 Mandatory Pit Stop

                         THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW TO RACE!

                      Rfactor 2 Server:   DOWNUNDER-SERIES

                  Discord Server :

WARNING: Read the rules before participating in any race. Failure to follow    the rules will result in you being booted from the server and or the league!

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